Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pictures of Indian Rett syndrome Awareness meet

We organised Rett syndrome Awareness Meet on 11th October, 2009 in our Dept. of Pediatrics, All India Institute of Medical sciences, New Delhi, to raise more Awareness.

This event was attended by around 40 Indian families from different parts of India (Majority from New Delhi)and Doctors, Scientists, Researchers and other healthcare professionals. We were happy to see the response shown by the families in this regard and we are really thankful to them for helping us in this cause and making this event successful with their presence.

This Awareness meet was organised for the second time as the first awareness meet was organised on 19th October, 2008 and that was also a great ans successful event.

We wish to keep on doing these event to raise more awareness in India as still people are not knowing much about this disorder. We wish that one day these angel be recognised by all and a treatment will come out which will help the Angels to lead a quality life.

Prayers for Care,

Rajni Khajuria

Rett syndrome Awareness(India)(

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