Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gloucestershire mother, 81, wins UK carer award

Anne Ravenscroft with daughter Heidi
Heidi Ravenscroft suffers from the neuroglogical condition Rett syndrome
An 81-year-old woman from Gloucestershire has been named carer of the year for looking after her daughter who has a rare brain disorder.

Anne Ravenscroft from Whitecroft has four children and has taken care of 46-year-old Heidi, who is unable to talk and is a quadriplegic, since birth.
She was nominated for the award by her husband and said looking after Heidi was "normal life and a joy".
Reg Ravenscroft, 82, said his wife was wonderful and had kept Heidi alive.
Luxury holiday
Mrs Ravenscroft said: "If you have a child, you naturally nurture it, rear it and bring it up until such a time as they can go off on their own.
"Well Heidi never reached that stage, so it was a continuation of bringing up a child.
Heidi as a baby with mother Anne Ravenscroft
Heidi seemed to be a healthy baby when she was born in 1964
"We have to be on our toes to make sure she gets what is needed and what she requires. A lot of it is love and she absolutely thrives on TLC."
Heidi seemed to be a healthy baby when she was born in 1964 but started to regress at the age of 18 months.
Over a period of years she lost the ability to walk, speak and to feed herself.
She was finally diagnosed with the neurological condition Rett syndrome at the age of 23.
Mrs Ravenscroft won the UK parent carer and overall carer of the year award which is organised by Bupa. Her prize is a luxury holiday worth £5,000.

Source: BBC News

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