Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rett syndrome and DSM-V: Interview of Dr. Huda Zoghbi

As many parents may already know, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as the DSM, is in the process of reevaluating criteria for the new edition to be published in 2013, the DSM V. There is discussion among members of the Rett community and the Asperger’s community about the decisions to drop both diagnoses from the manual. How this change might impact services, particularly intensive educational intervention for Rett children, is unknown and will probably vary from state to state. People who would like to express their opinions to the DSM committee may do so until April 20, 2010.

RSRT scientific advisory board member and Rett Syndrome researcher Huda Zoghbi , M.D. discusses the DSM reclassification with Monica Coenraads.

Huda Zoghbi will be appearing on the Charlie Rose Show on Tuesday, February 23. The episode, entitled “The Developing Brain” is part of the “Charlie Rose Brain Series” hosted jointly with Nobel Laureate, Eric Kandel, Ph.D. of Columbia University.........................

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